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Hi, I’m Alexa! I'm a Colorado artist and graphic designer who draws inspiration from our ever changing environment and the natural world – you’ll see that reflected in almost all of my work. In college, I earned a degree in Environmental Science but kept painting on the side, using what I’d learned to fuel my passion for art and preservation of the wild places around us that are slowly diminishing. I became more observant of my surroundings and impact, and with this painting has become a perfect outlet for environmental outreach. I hope that my work touches others in this way and inspires people to protect the natural beauty around them.


My traditional paintings are the result of mixed media experimenting, although I tend to prefer acrylic paint, copic markers, and watercolors. My body of work has grown and changed with varying conservation themes over the years, but lately I’ve been focused on capturing the many diverse landscapes of Colorado that I’ve been to throughout my travels. I always keep a tiny canvas and my sketchbook at hand, and this has made it incredibly easy to combine my love of backcountry adventuring and art. There is no better way to immerse yourself into a beautiful place than to sit down and paint it - that feeling stays with you and makes the things you create that much more meaningful in the long run. 

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